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Welcome to Goulart Designs

Amidst the beauty of our lush world, we often find a place of ideal serenity or loveliness.  A paradise such as Hawaii or the Caribbean, are usually visited only to be left behind in our memories.  We as garden creators try to create such breath taking areas into the gardens of California. 
     We also mimic nature in our water falls, as we work with micro organisms to eliminate the maintenance of ponds.  We utilize the filtration system called the “Aquascape Ecosystem”, and is the best system for clean water.  We use a bio fall unit filled with beneficial micro organisms that eat algae in the water.  Water plants also act as filters, as they take in nutrients.  The pond is installed with a skimmer unit which skims the surface water, and takes in all leaves and debris, keeping the pond super clean.  By utilizing these filter units the usual maintenance on a beautiful pond is less than the cost to maintain a same size lawn area.     
   We have been in business for 13 years, with a Horticulture Degree.  We have displayed at the San Francisco Garden show for 4 years and received  Silver medal in 2006.    We bring to the garden  cutting edge techniques, with original designs, as we create a paradise capable of relaxing every soul.
  Our garden in the show will combine the creativity of our artists, with the beauty of nature

BENJAMIN D. GOULART (510) 410-0445